Start trading

Mailing list

Bega Valley LETS has a mailing list – created by locals – for local currency trading.  We use this mailing list as our trading room.

If not already on the List click HERE to join the mailing list and start trading.

How to trade

  • To ADVERTISE a trade:
    Email with an OFFER or a WANTED of goods  or services or a WORKING BEE event.
    For example: To:
    Subject: WANTED – Gardener – Brogo area
    For example: 
    Subject: OFFER – Babysitting services – Bega only
  •  To:
    Subject: WORKING BEE – June 25th – veggie garden make over – Brogo

Any reply you send to an email goes to the original sender of an email, not to the whole list. If you want to respond to the whole list reply to

  • To LOG a trade:
    By email:
    Send an email to  with ‘TRANSACTION” in the subject and CC the others involved in the deal. Advise:
    – the Sapphs amount,
    – the From:
    – the To:
    – the Date the transaction was completed.
    – the job

    By cheque:
    – Send an email to   to request blank cheques to print yourself
    – Pick them up from from Spiral Gallery in Bega
    – Or print them from the BVLETS website
    Fill out cheques with the item or a service description, From: and To: accounts and date and signatures. Leave the cheques in the BVLETS box at Spiral Gallery, Church St, Bega for processing, or mail to PO Box 110, BEGA NSW 2550.
  • To TRACK your trades:
    When your trade is logged. You and the other member involved will receive a confirmation email with a link to track your transactions.
    Email to request a BVLETS statement or and member contact list.

To join Bega Valley LETS online community system click HERE.


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Bega Valley's own Local Exchange Trading System to purchase goods & services with complementary currency

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